Assets necessary for the game

asset stock is a service to rent assets.
Many of the prepared assets can be freely color-edited and used for commercial use for free.

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Unlimited use of all assets

Many assets in asset stock can be used for free commercial use.
Everything can be freely color-edited, so create it according to the content.

In addition, subscription premium plans unlock more features.
You can share your edits and download larger images, so if you want to monetize your games and apps, try it.

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What is asset stock?

An asset distribution service that can be used in a wide range of genres, from games to apps, hobbies to original goods.
All assets are commercially available within the terms of use.

How much is usage fee?

All free plans with limited function are available for free.
Premium plans with all functions can be used for “annual payment $ 96 / year (tax included)" or "monthly payment $ 9.99 / month (tax included)".

Where can I use it?

It can be used for each content produced by contractors (individuals and companies). (multiple titles allowed)
It can also be used on YouTube, SNS, websites and advertisements.

About prohibited applications

Account sharing and data sales / distribution of this asset (png, svg, jpg, etc., including after processing and improvement) are strongly prohibited.
Also, it prohibited from using for content that violates copyright infringement or has a risk of crime.

What is SVG data?

SVG data is a vector format image, and the image quality will not deteriorate even when it is enlarged or reduced.
It can also be edited with drawing software such as Illustrator.
This can be used when you want to color-code more finely or print larger on posters.

About cancellation and contract period

Canceling the Premium Plan can be done easily at any time from your PayPal account.
The contract period is 1 year for annual payment and 1 month for monthly payment from the final settlement date.
Even if you cancel the periodic settlement, the premium plan (access right) will continue until the end of the period and will be changed to a free plan with the end. (No payment or cancellation fee will be charged)