Welcome to the partner program!

Join our partner program and earn money on assetstock!

Would you like to introduce "assetstock" on your site, blog or SNS? As your visitors become premium members, you will make money. In addition, even if you do not have your own media, just submit your color variations to assetstock and you will earn money.

  • You are a color editor from today

    Post your original color variations that you edit. If you participate in the partner program, you can add an affiliate ID and generate revenue.

  • 5% of Constant Revenue per Each Premium Member Registration

    If a user referred from your link joins a paid premium member, you will receive 5% revenue on all plans. In addition, each time a premium member continue and renew the membership, the same amount of revenue continues to be generated.

  • If you have a homepage or blog

    If you have a homepage or blog, please post an assetstock advertisement or referral link. You will be rewarded every time visiters see the homepage and join the premium membership.


How can I receive revenue?
Paid with PayPal. (A bank transfer will be available in the future.)
Payment will be made in US dollars.
When will the payment be made? Are there any conditions?
Payment will be paid in full at the end of the month (25-28) when your unpaid earnings exceed $50.
Depending on the timing of exceeding $50, payment may be made at the end of the following month.
Fees will be borne by us.
Is this an affiliate?
It is an unique affiliate run by assetstock.
It is called "Partner Program" because it can be used on the site.
What is needed?
You need a partner account (name, address, etc.) to register from this page and a PayPal account to receive revenue.
Both are easy to create.
Where can I post variations?
Select your favorite asset from the asset page.
Edit it and press “Post this edit” from “Post variation” at the center of the page.
A confirmation window will be displayed, click “Post” to complete.
* You cannot post variations from the posting page.
Enter “Your Affiliate ID”, and your affiliate code will be attached to the posted link.
Where can I find my affiliate ID?
Log in to the partner program and find it in the menu [Edit Profile] under [Affiliate ID].
There are similar variations.
If it is similar to a variation that has already been posted, it may be deleted or prohibited.