[For iPhone users] Notes on saving assets


The saving method may differ depending on the model and browser.

If you use the Internet browser "Safari" on your iPhone, you need to download it by the following method according to the specifications.

1.Press "Download" of any size.

After color editing is completed, switch to the "Download" tab and press "Download" for any size.
* In the case of the iPhone, the page will be switched once you press download, so the content will be reset when you return to the edit screen.
Please check carefully before downloading and "link copy".

* SVG can only be saved on PC.
(SVG is a vector format image that does not degrade if it is enlarged or reduced. It can be edited with drawing software such as Illustrator.)

2.The asset is displayed.

The asset (PNG data) of the selected size is displayed on the screen.

3.Press and hold the displayed asset.

Press and hold the displayed image to display the menu. Select "Add to Photos".
This saves the assets (PNG data) in the "photo folder" on the iPhone.

Users using the Internet browser "Safari" on the iPhone, please download using the above method.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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